Canadians Turning Up Their Thermostat For The Winter Are At Higher Risk Of Premature Death

Our bodies are in "eternal summer" mode.
Canadians Turning Up Their Thermostat For The Winter Are At Higher Risk Of Premature Death

With the freezing temperatures upon us, we're all doing everything we possibly can to stay warm and out of the brutal weather. Not only are we relying on sweaters and sweatpants to help us survive this winter, but of course, there's no doubt we've all been cranking up the thermostat too.

TL;DR Scientists have discovered that cranking your thermostat in the winter and artifical lighting causes the body to feel like it's in an "eternal summer" which leads to our immune system being vulnerable to sickness, infection, and even death.

If anything, you'd think this would be good for your health, considering otherwise you would definitely be freezing. But it turns out that scientists have actually discovered that turning up the thermostat in the winter can lead to life-threatening ailments.

Basically, when you turn your thermostat up to combat winter weather outside, you're creating an "eternal summer" for your body. Normally, when our bodies sense seasonal changes we're able to naturally build an immunity to defend against common infections and illness.

But this all changes when you start to make your house super warm and bright when the outdoors are freezing cold and dark for months on end. Scientists are saying this leads the body into thinking it's still summer, so the immune system never actually prepares for the cold and sick season.

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This disruption is actually leaving a lot of people open to serious illness and even premature death. So, what can we do to reverse the negative effects of trying to stay warm in the winter?

Unfortunately, our lifestyles don't really provide an answer that'll make us more connected to the natural seasons, unless we all scrap our thermostats and artifical lights in our home.

You might just not want to take any risks this year and stay away from anyone who's sick. With a long and unforgiving winter ahead, most of us will be spending a lot of time indoors anyways.


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