Canadians Will Soon Need Special Authorization To Travel To New Zealand

A New Zealand vacation is about to get more complicated.

A couple of weeks ago, we discovered that Canadians will soon need special authorization to travel to Europe. Starting in 2020, the new EITAS regulations will require Canadians to register into a database before travelling to Europe. These new regulations come on the heels of tense geopolitical situations around the world, what with huge influxes of refugees.

Today, we've learned that New Zealand has followed suit and has instituted their own special regulations for potential travellers. Starting on October 1st, 2019, air travellers and cruise travellers will need to apply for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). Keep in mind that this isn't a Visa, but instead a special authorization for travel. 

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TL;DR  Canadian travellers to New Zealand will need to apply for an Electronic Travel Authority permit starting on October 1st, 2019. These new regulations are in direct response to growing tensions around the world. The New Zealand government aims to reduce immigration and biosecurity risks. 

New Zealand is slowly starting to become a favourite destination for many travellers around the world. With its lush natural landscapes and incredible lifestyle, New Zealand is an awesome place to visit.

The government is catching up to this and has now installed new regulations to avoid any future travel issues. 

To help speed things up for travellers, the ETA regulations will enhance security, address smuggling and biosecurity risks, improve travel, and will adapt itself to changing needs and requirements of the country, according to the New Zealand government. 

All travellers will need to register into a database before travelling to New Zealand. Starting on October 1st, 2019, all travellers will need to hold an ETA. It will cost $9 dollars for mobile application requests and $12 dollars for web browser requests. The ETA will last 2 years and be subject to stringent laws. 

Citizens of New Zealand and Australia won't need to apply for an ETA, but permanent residents or work Visa holders in both countries will need to apply for one. If you're a New Zealand citizen living in Canada, for example, you won't have to apply for the ETA if you're going back home for the holidays. 

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Tourism to New Zealand has seen a major uptick in recent years and the government is naturally worried about potential dangers to their population. It's no surprise that this comes after that terrible terrorist attack in Christchurch. 

So, if you'll be travelling to New Zealand this winter for whatever reason, make sure to apply for the ETA before you go!