CAQ Is Immediately Enforcing Strict Law Banning All Employees From Wearing Religious Symbols In Quebec

People will be fired for not complying.
CAQ Is Immediately Enforcing Strict Law Banning All Employees From Wearing Religious Symbols In Quebec

Everyone knows that it's official the CAQ (The Coalition Avenir Québec) has been voted into a majority government in Quebec.

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TL;DR The Coalition Avenir Québec announced that once the religious symbol ban law is passed, any public servant in a position of authority who refuses to comply with the new law will lose their jobs. There will also be a "transition period," allowing those individuals who refuse to remove their religious symbols to find a new job without getting fired.

Brace yourselves, we've been living under Liberal party law for 15-years, so some big changes are ahead for the province and the people of Quebec.

One of the CAQ's key promises was surrounding a secularism charter and a religious symbol ban.

Looks like Legault is holding true to his promise, as the CAQ is already working on a getting the law passed to ban public servants from wearing any religious symbols.

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Once the law is passed, any public servants in positions of authority who refuse to remove religious symbols will be assigned to different jobs or dismissed. That means fired!

This was announced yesterday by a spokeswoman for the Coalition Avenir Quebec team.

According to a report by the National Post, Genevieve Guilbault, elected for the CAQ in the Louis-Hebert riding, went on to say that "those who lose their jobs after refusing to respect the new rules will be the authors of their own misfortune."

What kind of government is this?

Not only does this law blatantly rub up against fundamental human rights, the insensitive manner in which the CAQ's representatives are addressing the issue is concerning and borderline terrifying, to say the least.

Guilbault went on to say that there will be a "transition" period for any judges, police officers, teachers, prosecutors, and prison guards affected.

During the transition period, people who refuse to cooperate with the new law can move to another position or role without their jobs being affected, AKA getting fired.

If you are equally appalled by this, you can join other Montrealers during an Anti-racism demonstration which will be happening this Sunday.

More information to come.


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