Car2Go Is Changing The Face Of Travel In Montreal

Get all the perks of a car with none of the stress.
Car2Go Is Changing The Face Of Travel In Montreal

Having a car in Montreal is a luxury most of us don't have. Forced to use more affordable means of transportation, us pedestrians and metro-ers lack the perks a car provides. Busses don't have trunk space, the metro can't bring you exactly where you need to be, and bixis don't protect you against icy winds. Now, thanks to Car2Go, a newly launched automobile service in Montreal, you can have all of the benefits of owning a car, while staying green, and without any of the responsibility or maintenance.

Car2Go is kind of like a city-wide Smart car sharing service. After you sign up for a membership, you can grab a set of wheels at any of the Car2Go stations which are widespread in nearly every district of the city. Drive to work, or drive all day, its pretty much up to you. Sounds like the perfect way to get into the city, go out, get drunk, take a cab back home, and not have to worry about your car.

Upping the level of ease, Car2Go has efficient online services to get your wheels spinning. To find a car near you, just use the Car2Go app, download the official map, check on their website, or call a customer service rep. All you need to do afterwards is simply swipe your membership card at a car, answer a security question, and you're ready to roll.

Aside from the initial registration fee, Car2Go only charges you for how long you drive. With a steady $0.38/per minute rate, you can take a five minute ride for only a couple bucks. The longer you drive, the cheaper it gets, as price breaks come in if you take an hour or daily rate. Don't feel bad about driving longer either, as Car2Go has 250 environmentally-sound Smart cars to keep everyone green.

Parking is a point of stress for any city-driver, and Car2Go is aware. While street parking is only allowed in three districts (Plateau Mont-Royal,Rosement and NDG), every car has its very own 'residents-only street parking permit." This will allow you to park in any 'Residents-Only' street parking areas, thus opening up a lot more options even if you don't live in the area. Car2Go vehicles can't be parked in paid parking meter areas, but there are 6 Car2Go-specific parking lots in the downtown area. So don't stress, whether you're in the downtown core or in one of Montreal's more residential districts, you'll be able to find parking.

Never fear about getting stranded in the city again. For a more personal look at the fun and friendly people who make Car2Go happen, check out MTL Blog's coverage of the official Car2Go launch.  Go get rolling Montreal.

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