Watch The World's First-Ever "Human-Carrying Drone" Lift Snowboarder Off A Mountain

Drones are a pretty fantastic gadget. But they're so much more than just creepy devices you can use to spy on your neighbors.

They allow photographers to get some pretty serious shots. They can go places we can't, and they can deliver packages.

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via @caseyneistat

But YouTuber Casey Neistat has found the ultimate use for drones. Flying!

It's so simple yet so genius, we're just mad we didn't think about this ourselves. You just get a huge drone, tie a rope to it and use it to lift yourself off the ground.

Kinda makes those "hover boards" look like crap don't you think?

It's only a matter of time before you'll be taking an Uber Drone to work, instead of an Uber cab.

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