You Can Now Smash Things In Montreal’s First-Ever "Rage Room"

The absolute best way to de-stress.
You Can Now Smash Things In Montreal’s First-Ever "Rage Room"

Raise your hand if life gets you mad sometimes. It's okay, friend. No judgement. My life gets me enraged on a daily basis, TBH.

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For those of us who just need to take our anger out in a constructive way - or for those of us who just want to have a good ol' time destroying things - I have some pretty awesome news.

Montreal's very own Casse-Cite is a "rage room", meaning you can go into one of their rooms... and destroy TF out of it, in a safe, controlled, and totally fun way.

You might remember that Casse-Cite has been open for a little bit. Which is true; except now, they've got themselves a brand new, permanent space at 3697 Côte-Vertu Boulevard, opening officially on December 1, 2016.

If this sounds like the greatest thing you've heard all day, check out Casse-Cite's Facebook for more information.

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