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Women Across Quebec Are Wearing Hoodies To Work In Solidarity With Catherine Dorion

On November 12, wearing a hoodie to work means supporting Catherine Dorion.
Catherine Dorion's Sweater Controversy Has Sparked A Viral Event
  • Catherine Dorion was reportedly denied access to the National Assembly chamber for wearing a hoodie last Thursday, so now there is an event asking women across Quebec to wear hoodies to work on Tuesday, November 12.
  • Although views on this controversial event have been varied, many see it as a feminist issue that needs to be addressed province-wide.
  • Find out all about this event below!

It seems that cotton hoodies are all the talk in Quebec in 2019. After the success of the Québécois band Bleu Jeans Bleu, you can't help but sing as soon as you hear the words "hey" and "coton ouaté." A new controversy exploded across the province last week because of Catherine Dorion's hoodie. Now, a social media event has gone viral in response to this controversy. The event is named "My Hoodie, My Choice" and it invites all women in Quebec to show up to work in a hoodie this Tuesday. 

Last Thursday, Taschereau MP Catherine Dorion was reportedly denied access to the National Assembly chamber because she was wearing an orange hoodie.

Following this event, many reacted to this controversy and opinions were divided across the province.

Translation:News: the member Catherine Dorion would have been denied access to the Blue Salon of the #Assnat because of her clothing. At the office of François Paradis a comment was made saying: "She was asked to respect the directive recalled at the beginning of the legislature." Details and confirmation to come #polqc

Some believe that there is decorum to be respected while in the National Assembly, while others point out that this is a feminist issue because a woman's choice of dress belongs to no one but her.

It is in this feminist vein that the "My Hoodie, My Choice" Facebook event took shape, asking women across Quebec to wear a cotton hoodie to work this Tuesday in order to denounce this outburst against Catherine Dorion. 

The description of the event reads: 

"Women's bodies don't belong to you. Women's clothing choices are not yours. Cotton, bra, miniskirt, veil, overalls. It's none of your business. We do our job well and we will wear whatever we want."

The organizers of this event, which describes "this outburst against her as virulent, aggressive and bordering on intimidation," invite women to share photos of themselves on social networks this Tuesday with the hashtag: #MonCotonOuatéMonChoix.

Translation: In the TLMEP extract, Ms. Dorion is in neither a hoodie nor in a camisole. She is dressed up. So, she thinks the circumstances sometimes require some decorum. So the rest of the time, she's provoking. Thank you, that's what we thought.

Translation:12 Nov: "Women's clothing choice does not belong to you... We invite women to show their solidarity and their fatigue by wearing a cotton sweatshirt and taking pictures on social networks with the hashtag: #MonCotonOuatéMonChoix"

Over 1,500 people have expressed interest in participating in this movement and the hashtag is already being shared on social media. 

Will you be taking part?

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