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Cats + Abs = Everything You Love About The Internet

It's exactly what it sounds like, and its awesome.
Cats + Abs = Everything You Love About The Internet

Stop everything you're doing because you pretty much need to watch this. Your nose will bleed just by the sheer amount of adorable sexiness.

Cosmo has finally done something worthwhile for the world and created the video "Cats + Abs" which is exactly what it sounds like. So yes, be prepared for sexy shirtless guys and cute as hell kittens.

This love child of the best parts of the internet (cats and hot guys) is even attached to a good cause. If you really needed more of an excuse to watch this, the video was sponsored by New York Humane Society and features cats up for adoption.

There, now you can feel good about spending your time watching something as ridiculously awesome as "Cats + Abs." Check it below.

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