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Cats Are Now Officially Mans Best Friend

Dogs, you had your chance.
Cats Are Now Officially Mans Best Friend

Photo cred - Frxnco

Felines and canines have battled over the hearts and minds of humans for thousands of years, with no winner in clear sight. Subjective analyses were the only way to determine a superior best friend to man, often made by biased parties, i.e. "cat/dog people." There has been no objective and quantitative measurement to figure out who is the more popular pet, until now, because, well, the internet.

Noticing the incredibly strong reaction Montrealers had to the recently opened Cat Cafe Montreal, the first of its kind in North America, as well as the general online fascination with animals (e.g. Grumpy Cat) a team of web researchers (on Kijiji behalf) decided to finally answer the age old question of which animal is superior, at least in terms of  popularity on the internet.

Examining internet trends from sites/apps including YouTube, Kijiji, and Instagram, the team mapped out the cat vs. dog duel in an easy to read infographic, found below. The conclusion to the mass amounts of data and research? Cats win the internet. See for yourself below, and check out the original here.

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