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Celine Dion And Arcade Fire To Collaborate?

Quebec's biggest acts may join forces.
Celine Dion And Arcade Fire To Collaborate?

Celine Dion has officially expressed interest in teaming up with Arcade Fire. The two Quebec music-exports may have very different styles, but their mutual love for the city of Montreal could unite the two. Who wouldn't go to a Dion-Fire combo concert? Seriously, scores of soccer moms and ballad-lovers would be shoulder to shoulder with the young hipster masses. Finally a concert you can bring your parents to and not feel totally lame.

Dion recently stated in an interview with La Presse how she regretted not being able to creatively interact with Arcade Fire during last year's charity concert at Metropolis, where both performed. Regretting the chance to collaborate, Dion said:“It would’ve been fun to do something together,” and she hopes an oppurtunity arises in the future. Well, that's good for Celine, but we're still not sold on the idea.

Arcade Fire has yet to respond. Hopefully it stays that way. Sorry Celine-ophiles, Arcade Fire would lose some serious cred if this goes down. Just sayin'

Think Arcade Fire + Celine Dion = musical ecstasy? Should the two most famous Quebec artists remain entirely removed from each other? Let us know in the comments below.

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