Céline Dion Just Made A Cryptic Announcement About A "Grand Unveiling" And People Are Really Confused

Céline Dion, icon, Quebec superstar, glory of Canada, has seriously stepped up her aesthetic recently.

She has always been a true queen and diva, but in recent years, she has become a total boss.

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TL;DR Céline posted a video to Instagram that appears to show a law enforcement officer throwing her to the ground. Its caption promises a "grand unveiling" tomorrow. There are hints that the icon could be about to announce a new line of clothes for children but it's unclear.

Here she is, for example, casually lounging in knee-high red boots:

Here she is just enjoying the view in Bangkok:

She exudes both effortless style and total power. 

But her most recent Instagram post so completely deviates from this aesthetic that it has left her followers completely baffled.

This morning, she posted this video:

@celinedionembedded via  

The video appears to show a law enforcement officer throwing Céline to the ground. She responds to the assault with a grin: "it's ok, I'm Céline Dion!"

It is not at all clear what viewers are supposed to glean from this short clip. Is it political commentary? Is it a cheeky, self-conscious nod to the inflated sense of importance that often accompanies celebrity? Is it a preview of spy flick (Dion is in all black with thick black eyeliner)?

To only further confound us, she teases in the video caption a "grand unveiling tomorrow…"

We did some digging and found another instagram page whose handle, celinununu, matches the name that flashes at the end of the cryptic video.

Celinununu appears to be, of all things, a new line of children's clothes that Céline is launching.

The bio of its insta page reads, "fashion has the power to shape people's minds. inspire your children to be free and find their own individuality through clothes."

So... what does this have to do with being tackled by a police officer? What inspired Céline to design clothes for children? Is something else going on?

We have so many questions. Hopefully the "grand unveiling" tomorrow will shed some light on the situation.

But whatever's going on, it's going to be BIG. This is, after all, Céline Dion we're talking about.

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