Céline Dion's Shoe In Photo With Kim Kardashian Has Fans Very Confused

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West made a stop in Vegas yesterday to see catch Celine Dion before her residency ends. The three posed for photos together after the show and Celine tweeted out a photo congratulating the couple on their 5 year wedding anniversary. 

However, in Kim Kardashian's tweet, the photos were a little different, and some fans were quick to notice an all-too-common mistake for us commoners.

But, for someone like Celine who has a team of people helping to dress and style and photograph her, this error is a least a little odd and even someone hilarious... especially because she's been caught all thanks to Kim K.

In the photos above you can clearly see the tag to Celine's boot... or pants? Either way, girl, you left your tag on!

Now if only we could zoom in enough to see what the price tag actually says...

Celine Dion's team evidently noticed it, though, because the photo she shared had a very... thoughtful crop, you could say. The photo endss right above the ankles, so the boots weren't showing.

Some fans were quick to joke about Celine's recent visit to the James Corden show, when in a drive around on his segment "Carpool Karaoke," Celine was made to give away several pairs of her infamous high-heels.

She didn't deal well with having to hand over several pairs of heels, or at least is a fantastic and hilarious actress. In the segment, seen in the tweet above, she also admits she likely has somewhere near 5,000 pairs of shoes.

The poor songstress clearly loves her shoes. But maybe the pair she was wearing with Kim and Kanye were destined to be returned, and this is why the tag was left on?

Wouldn't be the first time, I mean, I've certainly done it.

But more realistically she was probably just too excited to get them on and then got sidetracked by the Duke and Duchess of Calabasas, which led to a photo op before anyone had thought to snip the tag.

Unlucky for Celine, Kim K is so quick to post, the photo didn't have a chance to be cropped or shopped before it made it to Twitter.

C'est la vie, eh Celine?