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Centre Laval’s Sports Experts Is Having A Huge Up To 60% Off Closing Sale On All Winter Gear

Think epic savings on winter gear.
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Centre Laval’s Sports Experts Is Having A Huge Up To 60% Off Closing Sale On All Winter Gear

Honestly, "winter is the most wonderful time of the year" has to be the world's most false statement. The cold? The ice?! No thanks. I'm good. 

Sure, winter does have its magical moments. The first snowfall. Ice skating through forests. Magical wintertime sales that make you rethink the season with. That kind of stuff.

And it just so happens that Centre Laval’s Sports Experts is having a massive end of lease blowout sale this month! And trust, you’re going to want in on it. As in, get ready to hit up that group chat with your besties because this is a sale definitely worth talking about. After all, sharing is caring!

Think all things winter equipment and accessories discounted at 40% to 60%! Now that’s a seriously sweet deal.

Just imagine, with all the extra bucks you’ll be saving you can finally afford to take that dream vacay to the Phi Phi Islands or something other Insta-worthy destination. Okay, maybe not quite yet...but you can at least afford to get extra guac on that next burrito (and the next one, too).

Seriously though, if there’s anything we love more than a stay-in-your-pjs-and-Netflix sesh during the winter season, it’s a get-your-gear-on-and-go-out sesh in the snow. And no, we’re not talking about making snow angels on Mount Royal (though that’s always fun, too). We’re talking ‘bout the really fun stuff like snowshoeing, snowboarding, alpine skiing, and cross country skiing. Winter sports for the win, guys!

You know, basically all the fun outdoorsy stuff that requires warm winter gear from brands such as Merrell, the North Face, Atomic, and Louis Garneau. Well, thankfully for you the fine folks at Sports Experts: Centre Laval have all of this and more.

Here’s the scoop - Sports Experts: Centre Laval’s lease is ending, so they’ve turned their store into a massive warehouse and stocked it with a ton of inventory from all of the region’s stores. We’re talking truck loads of all the good stuff. Like we already said, you’re going to want in on it.

Even if you’re not the super outdoorsy type, you can still relish in the ~awesomeness~ that is this epic sale. ‘Cause let’s get real: as long as you have to step outside at any point during Montreal winters, you’re going to want to gear up.

Perspective: walking to the metro alone requires heavy duty boots (lest you slip and slide to your death on the sidewalks), a zipped-to-the-neck down jacket, a scarf, mitts and a toque. And while a balaclava is optional (though most definitely recommended) you get the picture: Montreal winters ain’t no joke.

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Whatever way you choose to enjoy winter, know this: the Sports Expert: Centre Laval's' lease termination not only means epic discounts on winter equipment and gear for you, but also all your friends, and your friends of friends, too. Just make sure to get in before the end of the month because Centre Laval’s Sports Experts’ lease ends mid-March.

No but seriously, are you still reading this? What are you doing?! Get up and get on Centre Laval's Sports Experts blowout sale before it’s too late, and check out their Facebook at for more information!