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Chapters Indigo Is Having A Huge 50% Summer Sale Right Now

Hello, savings!
Chapters Indigo Is Having A Huge 50% Summer Sale Right Now

In case you missed it, the weather across Canada is going to basically suck for the month of June... I mean, depending on where you live. 

Regardless, whether it's sunny or raining outside - there's nothing like curling up with a nice book in a comfy spot and getting your read on! 

Paperback and hardcover books are still holding (fairly) strong, and every so often it should be important to ditch the screens and get back to something more tangible and authentic. 

Honestly, try it - it is super relaxing! As someone who works on a computer every day, I need to this as much as possible. 

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The good folks over at Chapters Indigo have done it again, and they are offering up some major deals on books for the summer season. 

In fact, they're giving you the goods on books prices all the way up to 50% off, across all genres and categories! 

There are pages and pages full of note-worthy or new titles up for grabs with some sweet discounts. 

Via Chapters

From music and celebrity biographies to Stephen King thrillers, and so much more - I haven't a shadow of a doubt that you will be able to find at least a couple titles here that are more than worth your time. 

Chapters Indigo is also offering up to 30% off of cookbooks - so you can prep that perfect summer BBQ recipe or desserts for any coming party!

Additionally, there are select thriller titles available for under $15 right now, too. Maybe you'll be able to find something good for Dad this coming Father's Day.

"But, is that all, you ask?" NO! Absolutely not! Chapters Indigo is also offering some major discounts across all over their categories, both online and in-stores. 

The houseware and decorating sections have discounts hitting up to 60% off. Fashions and bags are also seeing some deals up to 50% off, as well. 

Via Chapters Indigo

The Spring Into Summer Sale is happening for this weekend only, so take advantage of it while you can! You can order items online right here, or pass by a store and see what they have stocked!

As usual, I tend to suggest to ordering them online. I mean, they do offer free shipping on orders over $25, free shipping to pick-up in store, and free returns. 

So what do you have to lose? Nothing! That's what. 

Go grab yourself some good summer reads, right now. 

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