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Charles Manson Might Have Had A Montreal Connection

Body found near Manson family murder site belonged to Montreal woman.
Charles Manson Might Have Had A Montreal Connection

Last year, Los Angeles police had identified a body near the site of the Manson murders as that of a Montreal woman. Previously, the victim had gone by the name of Jane Doe No. 59.

The woman, identified as Reet Jurvetson, had been stabbed 150 times. Her body had been found close to Mulholland Drive on November 16, 1969.

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Police had been initially unable to identify the body.

The best lead police had been able to establish in her case was a man named "John". After first meeting him in the summer of 1969, Jurvetson had flown to Los Angeles to see him.

Jurvetson's family had emigrated to Canada as refugees during the Second World War, and moved to Montreal in 1951 when she was only a year old.

Other Montrealers have alsoreported encounters with Charles Manson.

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