11 Cheap Things You Can Get At IKEA That Will 100% Transform Your Apartment

Beautify your space.
11 Cheap Things You Can Get At IKEA That Will 100% Transform Your Apartment

If you know me at all, then you know that I love IKEA. Seriously. Throw me in IKEA with, like, $100, and watch me become the happiest person in the world.

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Because of my IKEA obsession (and because I'm broke, let's be honest here), I've become a bit of an expert at figuring out what to buy for cheap (under $100) in order to have the most design impact on your space. And if you want to know that, too, then I've got you covered.

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Hyllis Shelf Unit

Price: $14.99

This metal shelf unit is the perfect option for displaying plants (whatup cacti lovers?), photos, or anything else you want to show off.

Or you can use it as extra storage. Although the metallic finish might seem out of place, trust, it fits beautifully in any space; really, it all depends on what you choose to fill it with.

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Lack Side Table

Price: $15.99

These Lack side tables are. My. Life. When I lived in my tiny apartment (which didn't even technically have a living room), I used these as coffee and end tables.

They're super inexpensive and simple, and small enough to fit anywhere. Plus, you can use them as pretty much anything. Coffee tables, end tables, side tables; or stack them up and make some kind of shelf situation. Whatever you want. These things are adaptable.

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Lilangen Shelf Unit



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Rast 3-Drawer Chest

Price: $49.99

The Rast series is awesome because they're inexpensive, super functional, and you can customize them any way you like.

The 3-drawer chest is small enough to fit in any space, but big enough to fit all your things; the pine finish will give your space a cute rustic feel, or you can paint or decorate it however your heart desires!

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Kvistbro Storage Table

Price: $49.00

TBH, the best furniture is functional furniture. And IKEA's Kvistbro is the very definition of functional.

Not only can it act as a coffee or side table, but the removable top and seethrough wire bottom means it's the perfect storage space. Or you can use it as extra decoration space. Totally up to you!

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Melltorp Table

Price: $59.00

This pretty and minimalistic dining room table seats up to four people. And altough it's awesome as an inexpensive and sleek dining table, you could also use it as a desk or a vanity.

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Draggan Cart

Price: $24.99

Functional furniture, here we come. Although this is technically a car and not exactly a piece of furniture, the Draggan cart is perfect for... anything, really.

Store your makeup, office supplies, kitchen supplies, bathroom stuff; basically, anything you want. The wheels make it super convinent to use, too!

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Hektar Floor Lamp

Price: $69.99

Honestly, nothing pulls a room together than an oversized lamp.

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Micke Desk

Price: $59.99

This small desk is legit perfect for fitting into microscopic spaces and becoming the ultimate work tool.

Or use it as a vanity in a small bedroom. The sky's the limit here, friends.

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PS 2014 Standing Laptop Station

Price: $69.99

Not only can you use this tiered delight as a standing laptop station, which means it basically fits anywhere, but you can also use it as a shelf or other storage item. Plus, the modern design means all eyes will be on this piece.