Cheapest Flights From Montreal To Europe

5 reasonable round-trips!
Cheapest Flights From Montreal To Europe

I think we can all agree that summer in Montreal is amazing. That being said, the temptation to hop a flight to Europe and do a little summertime backpacking is mighty tough to resist – if you have the cash. While you’re never going to get an absolutely amazing deal on an international flight from Montreal, there are deals to be found. Here at MTL Blog, we’ve decided to do a little hypothetical vacation planning. These potential flight plans come with two asterisks – one is that the prices/deals frequently change so some of these may not be available (although you should be able to find a similar deal on any of the sites linked to). For the non-Google Flights sites, just plug in the details we've provided and these deals should still be good. The second is that – as usual with vacation planning – the sooner you’re able to leave the better as there are TONS of last minute deals out there that can save you hundreds.

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1. Paris - Depart Aug 9, Return Sept 1 - $798

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The problem with looking for vacation deals is that in order to find the best deal, your departure/return dates have to be pretty flexible. While an international roundtrip flight to Paris for just under 800 bucks is reasonable, for professionals with the standard two week vacation time, a three week trip might not be an option. But, for students this seems ideal. Not only do you get to visit the city of lights, but three weeks gives you time to hop on the Eurorail and do some travelling.

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2. Barcelona – Depart July 16, Return Aug 4 – $1,043

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OK, so you don’t have three weeks for a leisurely jaunt through Europe. How about two weeks in Barcelona? According to Google Flights, if you’re planning to leave sometime in July, your best bet is something like this two week trip, which leaves you lots of time to explore gorgeous Spain.Naturally there will be plenty of tourists, but there's so much amazing stuff to occupy your time, from cultural pursuits (museums, the architecture) to the raging nightlife. You can't go wrong.

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3. Amsterdam – Depart June 9, Return June 24 - 869

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Amsterdam is never the cheapest option as far as flights go, but if you’re willing to leave in June, you can actually find a few reasonable flights through reliable sites like Here’s a good one, with your round-trip coming out to about $869 after taxes. And just think of it – two weeks in Amsterdam. You can take the PG rated vacation and see the sites, or you can take the R-rated option and hit some of the “coffee shops” where a wide variety of cannabis products are 100% legal, so no worries about causing an international incident if you want to smoke a little grass.

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4. Athens – Depart July 2, Return July 13 - $1092

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Looking at Google Flights, it seems that of all the European destinations to travel to in July, Athens is the most reasonable. Two weeks exploring Greece certainly seems like the ideal way to spend your summer holiday. You can spend some visiting the sites by taking a tour of the Acropolis, while also finding time to visit the numerous beaches, although being the height of summertime you can expect tons of tourists and as well as some pretty stifling temperatures.

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5. Dublin – Depart Sept 2, return Sept 17- $1012

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Obviously, if you’re a student, this trip isn’t for you (unless things like going to class don’t really matter) but if you’re able to land some vacation time in early September, you can actually find some pretty reasonable flights to Dublin, which seem sky high during most of the summer. And hey, who doesn’t want to visit the Emerald Isle?

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