Chris Rock Does Not Like Montreal

And thinks Toronto is better.
Chris Rock Does Not Like Montreal

Photo cred - Metro

Every time you go to see a performance or comedy show in Montreal, the entertainer always makes sure to say how much they love the city. You know they're just saying that because they kind of have to, but in your heart of hearts, you hope it is true. That isn't the case when it comes to Chris Rock.

Originally reported by Metro, when the superstar comedian held a recent AMA on Reddit, he was asked how he liked performing in Canada, to which he replied:

"I always have good shows in Toronto. And I always have weird shows in Montreal. Well, Montreal's French-Canadian.

But I love playing Toronto, and Winnipeg, and pretty much everyplace. But Montreal's always hard."

We were as shocked as you. Toronto is one thing, but Winnipeg? Chris Rock likes fricken Peggy better than Montreal? Come on now. Yes, the city may have a fair amount of Francophones, but anyone going to a Chris Rock show is probably an Anglophone or is fully bilingual. We could imagine Rock having a bad show one time in the city, but to say Montreal is "always hard?" That hurts.

Given the city's comedic history (we have been hosting JFL since 1983) we're a little surprised at Rock's opinion. But don't let this new piece of info change your percetion on the comedian, because we all know he's hella funny. Instead, this is just a call to action: next time Chris Rock comes to Montreal, we need to show him we're a better audience than Toronto...or at least Winnipeg.

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