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Chris Rock Spotted In Montreal

Stylishly sporting his finest 'old man' hat.
Chris Rock Spotted In Montreal

Chris Rock might not be the biggest fan of Montreal, but that didn't stop him from coming here over the weekend. With all the events happening in Montreal this summer, some of them fly under the radar, especially when they happen at the same time as bigger events such as Heavy MTL. That's the case for the Otakuthon festival, and if you never heard of it, we don't blame you.

Otakuthon is a huge anime convention that was celebrating it's 10th year in Montreal. And while that particular festival wasn't on your radar, it was definitely on Chris Rock's. He dug up his finest 'old man' hat and headed off to enjoy everything the festival had to offer, including a cosplay contest, a cosplay RPG battle (whatever that it), Cosplay chess (yes, people in costumes standing on a giant chessboard) and Otakuthon Idol which has to be more entertaining than American Idol.

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