Christian Louboutin Shoes You Can Buy In Montreal RIGHT NOW!

Red soles are a girl's best friend.
Christian Louboutin Shoes You Can Buy In Montreal RIGHT NOW!

Have you heard that Toronto will very soon be getting its very own freestanding Louboutin store in Yorkville? This news has made women all over Canada cry from joy. If you happen to live in Montreal, however, like myself, taking a road trip to TO just for the sake of buying really expensive shoes might seem a little exaggerated. So I came up with a better plan!

Yesterday, I passed by Montreal's Holt Renfrew in order to see their current CL models on display and, ultimately, make your lives easier by creating sort of like a "catalogue". Did you know that they moved Christian Louboutin shoes to a separate room? It almost feels like we also have a CL store... almost.

So here are Louboutins you can actually purchase in Montreal right now. If you're single and lonely, get yourself a pair of these and, I kid you not, it feels better than having a boyfriend. Otherwise, send a link of this post to your bae, like, "OMG, did you know they sell Louboutins in Montreal? Crazy!" Because... Valentine's Day?! *wink wink*

FYI, model names might not be 100% accurate, please forgive me, I'm still an amateur.

Dorissima in ballerina colour (it's also on display in black and nude)

So Kate

Follies Spikes (not sure if it's this exact model, but it looks very similar if it isn't)


So Kate pink, also available in neon

Laperouza flat







So Kate (available in black too)


Rivierina (also available in black)

Rivierina in pink




Photo creds - Christian Louboutin

Hey, if you're planning on getting a nice pair of Louboutins for that special someone this Valentine's day, don't forget to throw in a box of roses. That's a killer combination. You're welcome.

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