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Christina Aguilera Is A Sex Robot Prostitute In New Movie Filmed In Montreal

The role of a lifetime?
Christina Aguilera Is A Sex Robot Prostitute In New Movie Filmed In Montreal

Montreal! - the go-to place to shoot a Hollywood movie and make the city look like anything but the 514 we all know and love. 

So many major films are shot in, or around Montreal. This list includes the likes of (basically) all the latest X-Men films and John Wick Chapter 2... which is just some of the new more recent ones. 

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler will reportedly be shooting a Netflix movie here this summer, too! 

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Montreal is a Hollywood hotspot! Maybe you recall a little sci-fi flick being filmed here last summer?

Ewan McGregor (Trainspotting), Léa Seydoux (James Bond), and all-around superstar Christina Aguilera were in town filming their new sci-fi, romantic-comedy last year. There were photos of them spotted everywhere, I even have one of my own of Ewan McGregor shooting at a park in Montreal's Old Port - though it is a little grainy!

Spoiler alert - watch out for a scene in the movie of a very inconspicuous conversation under a tree. Here's the image I managed to snap before I got yelled at. 

Via Riley James

Well, the details of the movie have been pretty scarce... until this week! 

Zoe tells the story of a forbidden love between a scientist (McGregor) and an android (Seydoux).  You best believe that where there is one robot, there is sure to be another. 

Christina Aguilera will be playing a sex-bot prostitute according to reports and an exclusive first-look at Zoe from EW News that was released yesterday. 


Christina Aguilera is seen rocking a Bettie Page-inspired black cut with severe bangs, a tiny hat, and a skin-tight latex dress... because, obviously, she's a prostitute. What else would a robot-hooker wear? 

Now, I'm a fan of Aguilera... I mean, I'm a gay 90's kid, I think all of my people are an X-Tina fan to some extent. So I had to know just a bit more. 

Without giving away too much, Aguilera's Jewels encounters fembot Zoe, who is more evolved than her, in an underground brothel where Jewels is confined to and works. The rest of the details remain to be seen. 

If for any reason you doubt Aguilera's abilities as a sex-bot, I'll direct you to this music video and all those doubts will likely fade away! 

Zoe is scheduled to premiere this weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, and I'm sure that it will get bought and hit our screens and/or theatres sometime this year. 

Colour me excited! This sounds like a potentially fun movie. 

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