Cineplex Is Having A Tom Hanks Film Festival This Summer Called "HankFest"

Movie night just got a whole lot better.
Cineplex Is Having A Tom Hanks Film Festival This Summer Called "HankFest"

All of those die-hard Tom Hanks fans in Montreal will finally be able to fulfill their wildest dreams this Summer with 'Hankfest' running from July 6 to August 2. 

Created as a tribute to his greatest works, any of us who were too young (or not born yet) when films such as Forrest Gump, A League of Their Own, and Apollo 13 first came to theatres can relive the experience of watching these Blockbuster's when they first came to cinemas.

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According to Cineplex them self, 'Hankfest' was created in the first place because Tom Hanks "has consistently given acclaimed performances throughout his long career, while remaining a relatable and admired individual off-screen" said the vice-president of Event Cinema, Cineplex.

The Canada-wide screening will also coincide with Tom Hanks 62nd birthday on July 9, so who's to say he won't make a surprise appearance at one of his movie showings?!

As if it couldn't get any better, as long as you see three or more films (which you definitely will) tickets are only $5 each. Take date night to a new level and have the bragging rights of saying you went on a date to the Tom Hanks festival! 

The Montreal theatres holding this festival are Cinéma Banque Scotia Montreal and Cinéma Cineplex Odean Quartier Latin. For the specific dates and times of each show click HERE.


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