You Can Now Have Cineplex Snacks Delivered To Perfect Your Netflix Nights

Netflix and Cineplex popcorn delivery. Name a better duo? I’ll wait.
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You Can Now Have Cineplex Snacks Delivered To Perfect Your Netflix Nights
  • If you were already enjoying your movie nights as they are now, I have some even better news for you: Cineplex food delivery is now available in Quebec.
  • All of the essentials, including popcorn and nachos, can be brought straight to your door.
  • Find out how to order your Cineplex favourite snacks below!

Cineplex truly pulls through for its customers time and time again. First, it started offering newly released movies available for streaming on the theatre's website at an affordable price. And now, we're being gifted with Cineplex food delivery in Quebec. What more could we ask for?

Even though popcorn is likely what most of us are missing most about Cineplex restaurants right now, the company's other snack options are still being offered for delivery too.

On the UberEats menu, we see popcorn, candy, nachos, hot dogs, soft drinks, and other bottled drinks available.

So, everything we need for the ideal movie night or perfect pig out opportunity (we're all allowed one every now and then), can be delivered right to our door.

If you live relatively close to a Cineplex theatre in Quebec, it's likely that UberEats or SkipTheDishes will be available for delivery. You can read more about Cineplex food delivery here!

According to the website, you can get a free candy item if you order more than $20 on UberEats until April 20. 

And if you order from SkipTheDishes, all orders above $20 get free delivery.

Cineplex's new motto is #StayHomeEatPopcorn

To tease us all, Cineplex made a video of all their snacks that you can have brought right to you...

I don't know about you guys, but I'm preparing to order everything on the menu tonight.

Calories don't exist during 2020, right?

Cineplex is truly doing us all a favour with this one.

Since they know everyone's inside spending their days watching their favourite films anyway, they probably figured "why not perfect their movie nights?"

When Narcity reached out to Cineplex about its food delivery,  it said that it's doing so in hopes of bringing the in-theatre experience to everyone's home.

Your best bet is probably to order the "Movie Night In Combo," where you get popcorn, candy, drinks, and an HD rental all included.

Enjoy your sweet and salty movie night!

Alanna Moore
Contributing Writer
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