City Of Montreal Can't Clear Away The Ice, We Have To Wait For It To Melt

All this ice everywhere is really starting to get on my nerves. It feels like Montreal angered an ice wizard who is now holding our city hostage. 

There's nowhere to walk safely, you can't park your car without scraping the bottom along jagged shards of ice, and the worst part is there's nothing the city of Montreal can do about it. 

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All those frozen piles of ice covered snow are here to stay. The city of Montreal is banking on the warmer conditions expected this weekend to melt the ice, because they have no other way to clear it. 

That's because the ice blocks would damage the snow clearing equipment. 

Which is probably not very good news considering we'll be seeing this kind of extreme weather more often in the next few years

So we'd better hope it gets warm enough, or at the very least we have to hope the ice will melt before the next snowstorm hits us.