The City Of Montreal Is Infested With 4,000,000 Rats

There are more of them than are of you.

Over the last few weeks, I've been spotting more and more rats in the city. Especially when I cross through alleyways. And for every rat I see I see at least 5 dead ones nearby.

And I'm not the only one. Residents of Ahuntsic Cartier-Ville have also reported a lot of rat sightings in the area recently.

It's not that unusual. After all, every big city has a large rat population. But in Montreal, even though we know they're there, we don't usually see them. But studies show at least 1 in 3 homes in Montreal has a rat problem.

Normally they remain hidden underground, but something has been happening recently that's causing the rats to come out of their hiding spots in droves.

You probably guessed by now. It's all the construction and underground sewer work.

As if nightmarish traffic jams and toxic fumes weren't enough to deal with, now we have to deal with a rat problem too.

And since this winter was especially mild, there are more rats than ever.

Experts estimate there are about 4 million on the island alone, that's 2 rats for every person.

One lady from Ahuntsic even claims she caught 6 rats herself in a single afternoon.

That means there are only 3,999,994 rats left. So here's the plan:

Grab a hockey stick or your finest rat clubbing apparatus, murder 2 rats (remember to terminate them with extreme prejudice) and if we all do the same, then the rat problem should be fixed by the end of the day.

Go team!

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