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City Of Montreal Tears Down Beautified Plateau Alley

After 10 years of existence, they declared it was illegal.
City Of Montreal Tears Down Beautified Plateau Alley

The city of Montreal isn't always know for their great decision making skills, and now they've gone and done it again with another one that's sure to have people in an uproar. Without giving any warning, the city has forcefully removed the contents of Burner Alley from the streets of the Plateau.

The once colourful community space, between Hotel de Ville and Laval, was created nearly 10 years ago by residents of the area. Outfitted with picnic tables, potted plants and different art installations, it was community favourite for most residents. The city, however, claims it received complaints about the alley, and left notices with the residents saying they were looking to “remedy the problematic situation at the alley,” and apparently by that they mean show up there with bulldozers and tear the whole thing down, because that's exactly what they did on Sunday.

One resident, Michael Hendricks wrote on Twitter:

Our alley is a community effort to make it safe and usable...used to be full of heroin needles, garbage

— Michael Hendricks (@MHendr1cks) September 12, 2015

I guess nothing can exist in Montreal that the city didn't pay an obscene amount of money for (see the $1 million fake ferris wheel, the $30,000 benches, or the $500,000 gazebo).


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