Classic Movies On Netflix Canada You Can Watch To Relive The Carefree '90s

*Watches Pulp Fiction for the 72nd time*
Classic Movies On Netflix Canada You Can Watch To Relive The Carefree '90s

Netflix has saved us all from boredom on so many occasions — it's truly a streaming service that I cannot imagine living without. With the long list of things to watch, I'm grateful to know that I can spend a whole night streaming classic '90s movies on Netflix. As a '90s baby, I have a love for all movies made during that decade. Not only do they remind me of my youth, but there was a certain je ne sais quoi about films from the 1990s.

Don't get me wrong, I love the '80s, and I'm also a huge fan of the early 2000s but if I really had to choose, I would binge-watch as many '90s films as I can.

Luckily, Netflix has a ton of incredible movies from that iconic decade that are available for us Montrealers to stream from the comfort of our couch.

From war movies to romantic comedies, you're sure to always have something you want to watch. And, thanks to us, you have the best '90s options all in one list!

So order in your Cineplex popcorn, turn on the TV, and get ready for a nostalgic evening!

Clueless, 1995

Clueless is one of those cult-classics that reminds us of our early days. For those of you who haven't seen it, Cher is a high-school student who lives a fabulous life of wealth. The film follows her as she discovers herself during her teenage years while helping a new student become popular.

Titanic, 1997

This Acadamy Award-winning movie is a must-watch for any movie lover. The incredible acting, the phenomenal screenplay, and iconic soundtrack all play a role in making this film the classic tear-jerker that it is.

Pulp Fiction, 1994

Pulp Fiction is without a doubt one of my favourite movies of all time. John Travolta and Uma Thurman put on a performance that is still talked about to this day. For those of you who have never seen it, it's about the intertwining lives of some pretty interesting characters.

Matilda, 1996

Matilda is an epic kids' movie that adults enjoy just as much as the younger crowd. From making magic to overcoming family issues — and an iconic scene with chocolate cake — this movie's one you're going to want to watch.

Forrest Gump, 1994

Forrest Gump is said to be one of the greatest movies made in the '90s. It tells the story of a man who joins the army. There, he meets Dan and Bubba, but can't stop thinking about Jenny, his childhood sweetheart.

Good Will Hunting, 1997

Will Hunting is able to solve the most difficult math problems. However, when it comes to matters of emotions, he needs a little help and finds that help in Dr. Sean Maguireto. This is an incredible film that is worth watching, as well as re-watching!

Boyz N The Hood, 1991

I'm a huge fan of Boyz N The Hood. It tells the story of three childhood friends who struggle to cope with the distractions and dangers that come with living in the ghetto of L.A.

Groundhog Day, 1993

Groundhog Day is very fitting to what most of us experience at times: feeling like we're doing the same thing day after day. The movie is full of life lessons, amazing moments, and great acting.

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Big Daddy, 1999

This is one of Adam Sandler's best films in my opinion. It tells the story of a lazy law school graduate who takes care of an adorable little boy in hopes of impressing his ex-girlfriend. And it results in him creating an unbreakable bond with the child.

Braveheart, 1995

William Wallace is a Scottish rebel. In the film, he and his clan set out to England to battle King Edward I, who was responsible for killing his bride the day after they got married.

My Girl, 1991

If you have yet to see this movie, I can assure you that it'll surpass all your expectations. It tells the tale of a young girl whose life is turned upside down after a special friendship is formed.

My Best Friend's Wedding, 1997

Any movie with Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, and Dermot Mulroney is bound to be amazing, and My Best Friend's Wedding is definitely a must-watch. It has everything you've ever wanted in a movie, plus so much more!

Casper, 1995

I think every child had a dream about befriending a ghost, or at least I did after seeing this movie. Casper will bring out the child in you and make you feel all sorts of feelings.

Notting Hill, 1999

William is a British bookseller who falls in love with Anna, a high-profile American actress. Their relationship goes through many ups and downs due to the different lives they live.

You've Got Mail, 1998

Before dating apps, the movie You've Got Mail created a fantasy surrounding internet romances. This romantic comedy is a must-watch for any movie buff out there.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, 1994

Jim Carrey plays Ace Ventura, a private detective, who specializes in finding lost animals. And yes, it's as good as it sounds!

Enjoy your trip to the carefree '90s!