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Classic Sculptures Dressed Up Like Hipsters

Statues of antiquity remade to be modernly hip and fresh.
Classic Sculptures Dressed Up Like Hipsters

Past and present collide to reveal the inherent style of ancient statues. Taking modern fashion trends and superimposing them on very old sculptures, creative retoucher Alexis Persani and photographer Leo Caillard have made timelines collide in a very aesthetically pleasing way. Rather than make the ancient works of art seem silly or ridilucous, the addition of hipster-esque fashion accentuates the timelessness of each piece. Art is never outdated, sometimes it just needs a fresh paint job, or in this case a wardrobe change.

Check out the image series titled 'Street Stone' or 'Hipster in Stone' below

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Can't you just picture a 'Bitch, please" caption from the JC statue? Give us your best quotables in the comments below.

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