"Clearly Canadian" Is Officially Making Its Return To Sales This Summer

Montreal is absolutely scorching right now. And the only way to cure this sudden burst of heat (other than softly weeping in your refrigerator) is to crack open a bottle of your favourite childhood drink! Oh yeah, Clearly Canadian is back in business y'all.

Fans have clearly missed this refreshing beverage so much that over 30,000 cases have already been ordered. CEO Robert Khan exclaims “We owe the entire comeback to the fans, without their support and their pre-orders, Clearly Canadian would not be back." Doesn't that just give you the warm fuzzies?

If you're interested in pre-ordering a case for yourself, Clearly Canadian has opened a 2 week only pre-order campaign. This will be your only chance to get your mits on this drink before the new year. ALSO if Clearly Canadian reaches its stretch goal of $250,000, you can vote in the selection of the additional fifth flavour from the original line-up!

The company is looking to be back in stores by Summer 2016, so for now, pre-orders are your best shot.

To join the Indiegogo campaign click on over here!

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