Coat Check: Summer 2013

If we told you that spring and summer were nothing but 27C degree days of scorching sun, we’d be lying to you. If you have noticed the weather lately, it almost seems as though you should pack a survival guide with you when leaving the house just to pick up a six pack.

Until Mother Nature decides to get her act straight, we refuse to simply stand around and rely on the weather forecasters, cause their guess is as good as ours. In order to keep your swag factor (and yourself) dry in the meantime, check out the top men’s jackets for this season.

(1)The man who loves the classics, will equally adore the Gloverall Summer Duffle. Made of 100% cotton that features a water resistant coating, this is definitely the season’s investment piece. It'll last you through at least early fall. Keeping your threads clean, your ego dry, and the ladies interested, it’s sure to be the smooth operator for the outerwear scene.

(2)The non-traditional look and feel of the Vassan Wax Gingham from Penfield is a somewhat nostalgic way of looking at outerwear. This coat is sure to remain lightweight through the heaviest of storms; waxed Gingham fabric provides a modern take on a typical summer fabric. Two different looks are fused from top to bottom to give the coat a bonus visual appeal. Also comes in a navy blue combo.

(3)Camouflage is one of the looks that can be best attributed to Montreal. Rough and utilitarian, the print appeals equally to girls as it does to the guys, making the girls want you for your coat and what’s inside. The Gibson Coat from Penfield was made for the elements, featuring a hood, weatherproof exterior, and reinforced elbow patches (another sought after feature).

(4)Pop Culture fanatics will understand when we say this coat could have you thinking about titles like “Little Miss(ter) Sunshine” or “500 Days of Summer” because this coat is bright! Guys with a color fetish will definitely gravitate towards the glow of this coat. Wind and Waterproof, the Cornell from Penfield repels water, and attracts all the attention.

Don’t let the unexpected rain showers harsh your mellow, add some outer style with a quality made jacket this summer. It goes without saying that there's nothing worse than slugging around in a damp t-shirt.

Make sure to check out Off The Hook's online store or by visiting them at 1021 Ste-Catherine Ouest for more stylish rain gear.