Coca-Cola Will Now Taste Different

In Montreal, and everywhere else in the country.
Coca-Cola Will Now Taste Different

Photo cred - Pierre Gautreau

The world's most popular cola beverage (no not Pepsi, that's for basics) will soon taste a tad different, as Coca-Cola is getting a Canada-wide recipe change, effective immediately.

Straight from the cola-source, a representative from Coca-Cola Refreshments Canada explained to The Canadian Press that the amount of syrup to be put into cans of Coke will be changed, with less going in. Essentially, Coke will become less sweet, with 8% less calories overall.

Will you be able to tell the taste in difference? Consider this the official test to see if you're a die-hard Coke fan or not.

The new brew of Coke in Canada is already being made, and will hit the shelves and fridges of stores/deps in the next few weeks. Changes will also be made to the size of Coke cans and bottles, with the dimensions reduced by 15%, so to 500 ml bottles + 310-ml cans.

Don't think Canada is getting a special change unique to the nation, because apparently we've been drinking sweeter Coke for years. The new recipe is in line with the Coke you get everywhere else. So Canada has been drinking Coke with more sugar than the rest of the globe since 1906...I don't know if we should be proud or go get checked out for diabetes right now. Probably both.


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