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Coderre Vs Plante: What You Need To Know Before You Vote

Be ready for November 5th..
Coderre Vs Plante: What You Need To Know Before You Vote

November 5th is drawing ever-closer, so if you haven't already, it's time to start thinking about who you're going to vote for in the Montreal municipal election. 

Two candidates are leading the pack: current mayor Denis Coderre and Projet Montréal leader Valérie Plante.

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In fact, a new poll cited by Le DevoirLe Devoir says that the two candidates are only separated by 5 percentage points in their approval ratings. Denis Coderre sits at 30% with Plante at 25%. 

The undecided vote, however, is at a large 41%, meaning that many Montrealers still haven’t decided on a mayoral candidate. 

To help you with the process, we’ve create a quick rundown of the major platform-promises proposed by Coderre and Plante’s respective teams. 

While the two candidates have some similarities in their platforms, it’s the major differences that will get either one elected. 

Coderre is planning on keeping his platform largely similar to his previous election platform. You can actually keep tabs on all of the promises Coderre made back then and which one's he actually achieved, here

Plante, on the other hand, is going for some major shakeups, like the Pink Line.  

Check out what will happen if Coderre or Plante are elected, and let their platforms inform your vote. 

Valérie Plante (Projet Montréal)

  • Constructing a Pink Line addition to the STM metro network

  • Building more sidewalks and designated bike paths with physical barriers

  • Installing more street furniture and green spaces to improve liveability of boroughs

  • Reduced STM rates for citizens living below the poverty line

  • Free STM rides for seniors and children under 12

  • Adopt an effective noise policy and create “calm zones” in the city

  • Abolishing the “welcome tax” for families with children to encourage them to stay in the city

  • Improving existing financial aid programs for young families 

  • Creating a Specialized Mobility Unit to monitor infrastructure projects

  • Allow citizens to keep urban livestock and bee farms

  • Set up “two-stream” garbage collection (recyclable and non-recyclable) 

  • Create a mobile data sharing (crowdsourcing) application for the 311 service 

  • Improve snow-removal management and projects

  • Make the workings of the Montreal police force more transparent and hold the SPVM accountable

  • Modernize the fleet of Montreal firetrucks 

  • Completely remove  calèches

  • Make a mandatory $10 entrance fee fore youth at Montreal museums 

  • Significantly increase the amount of trees, specially in “heat island” locations 

  • Create a combined fare for BIXI and STM use

  • Install more public toilets around tourist spots and metro stations

  • Implementing a tax break for businesses affected by ongoing construction

  • Read full list of promises here 

Denis Coderre (Équipe Denis Coderre)

  • Focusing on the Blue Line extension, but no Pink Line since it’s not realistic, according to Coderre 

  • Dismantling corruption in City Hall and infrastructure projects

  • His primary message to voters was four more years of continuity and keeping with the vision presented during his successful election campaign in 2013. 

  • Develop the downtown core to be more resident-friendly (more housing, new schools, etc.)

  • Increase “open data” and further transform Montreal into a “Smart City” (redesign municipal website, digitize municipal services, etc.)

  • Add elevators to all Montreal metro stations

  • Building more housing for students and young families

  • Add more funding for startups and create a new “Entrepreneurs Studio”

  • Expand cycling network by 50km per year

  • Simplify street parking signage 

  • Planting 300,000 more trees in Montreal (40,000 on Mount Royal) by 2025

  • Achieving gender equality (same number of men and women in positions) in the city’s Executive Committee 

  • Redevelop major institutional complexes, like the Royal Victoria Hospital or CBC building

  • Read full list of promises here

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