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Coffee + Ice Cubes = The Coffee Ice Cube

Get cool and caffeinated.
Coffee + Ice Cubes = The Coffee Ice Cube

Iced coffee is everyone's answer to summertime caffeination. There's just one con to the icy pick-me-up: most iced coffees are kinda watered down. Unless you're making cold brew (and who got time for that?) the mass amounts of ice cubes usually dilute the coffee content of the drink, meaning less caffeine, meaning bad news for anyone interacting with you in the morning. Kori Coffee, a Japanese coffee-ice cube drink, fixes that problem nicely.

Not an iced coffee per se, Kori Coffee is made with ice cubes that are coffee. The process is pretty simple (it astounds me this hasn't already become a drink at Starbucks) and the end result is a cold coffee that is full of caffeine and coffee flavour, while still being chillingly refreshing.

Feel free to add Kahlua, Tia Maria, or Baileys for a delicious alco-coffee. Irish-ing it up with some whisky wouldn't hurt either.

Here's what you gotta do:

Make coffee. Bet you saw that one coming.

Let coffee cool, then freeze 'em.

Pile high in a glass...

...add some warm-ish milk...

And enjoy cold coffee glory

Kudos to HonestlyYum for opening our mind to coffee ice cubes and their magical properties.

Will you be freezing some coffee ice cubes?

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