Coffee Popsicles? Yes, Coffee Popsicles

Because iced capps don't count as coffee.
Coffee Popsicles? Yes, Coffee Popsicles

Photo cred - mywholefoodlife

I like coffee, I like coffee a lot, also did I mention I like coffee? And what's not to love? It's warm, it's comforting, it wakes you up, it's mildly addictive. It's pretty much the world's greatest legal drug, plus they sell it everywhere and you don't need to prostitute yourself to afford it.

But in the summer it can sometimes get too hot to enjoy coffee, that's when iced coffee comes in handy (No not Timmies Ice Caps, that doesn't count as coffee) I'm talking about real homemade iced coffee. I had the idea last summer to freeze coffee in a ice cube tray to make mini coffee cubes which can be used to cool down a coffee without watering it down. But I never thought of making entire coffee Popsicles, until I came across this post by mywholefoodlife.

This is the 3 ingredient coffee Popsicle. The original call for coffee, maple syrup and coconut water. But for the adult version we recommend using baileys instead of coconut water.  Mix everything well and pour into a Popsicle mold or Dixie cups (seriously, you still haven's bought one yet?) and freeze them for 6 hours.

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