Cold Blast And Floods Expected Across Quebec This Weekend

Winter is far from over, people!
Cold Blast And Floods Expected Across Quebec This Weekend

Yes, temperatures are warming and over the last few days we've seen more rain than snow. You're probably thinking this means spring is on the way and we can finally bid farewell to the struggles of winter. Well, it just so happens that all the weather we've been freed from this week is about to return full-force this weekend.

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TL;DR The rain and freezing drizzle conditions are expected to come to an end this Saturday as it's replaced with a wintry system of below average temperatures and snow. The Eastern Townships are warned of potential flood advisories as temperatures warm over the next day and waterways rise. More details below.

It's true, Quebec will once again be hit by a major cold blast starting this Saturday. In the meantime, persistent freezing rain continues across most of the province until Friday evening. 

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Due to the heavy rain and ice lasting the entire week, and the expected temperature high that will melt any withstanding snow, flood warnings are expected to be issued for the St. Lawrence area as well as other waterways across the region. More rain is expected across Eastern Townships in the next days, so stay tuned for any updates on flooding advisories in Quebec.

With the abrupt icy blast making it's way back into southern Quebec early this weekend, the rain and freezing drizzle will once again be swapped out for wintry conditions such as snow and ice. Below seasonal temperatures will also make their way back and last throughout the weekend.

Whether you preferred the icy rain to snow or are anticipating the next winter blast, all we can say is it looks like spring will have to hold off for just a while long.

Stay tuned for any important weather updates.


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