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6 Common Misconceptions About People Who Live In Laval

#5 Laval is full of Ed Hardy-wearing douchebags.
6 Common Misconceptions About People Who Live In Laval

Living in Laval your whole life can mean that you have often experienced harsh judgment and been stereotyped as 'boring'. People from Montreal often criticize those from Laval for being from there. So we figured we'd round up some of the funniest misconceptions and stereotypes Montrealers have about people from Laval:

1. Laval Is One Big Farmland

Contrary to popular belief, there actually are things to do in Laval. We have one of the biggest malls in Quebec, a wide variety of restaurants that aren't only limited to Centropolis, and a bunch of things to do for fun when we don't feel like heading all the way downtown.

2. Everyone Either Only Speaks French Or Italian

For some reason everyone holds this belief that everyone from Laval does not know how to speak any more than these languages because of the large population of Italians and francophones. However, there are people from a huge range of backgrounds, and most people can speak upwards of two to three languages.

Photo cred - Richard Minton

3.  Laval Is Full Of Corruption

Laval has been in the news in recent years because of corruption and scandals that involve money and violence. However, Laval is far from being a violent city. Yes, we have experienced corruption and violence, but this doesn't mean that it's any more corrupt than Montreal. Corruption runs in almost every major city, but for some reason Laval has been stereotyped as a morally bankrupt society.

4. In Laval, Everyone Knows Each Other

Living in Laval allows for a closer community feeling. You generally see someone you know every time you step foot into Carrefour Laval. Sometimes this is great, and sometimes you'd rather avoid everyone because you look like you haven't slept in 2 days. While it's untrue that everyone knows each other in Laval, having this feeling of a closer community can be comforting, which is a quality that big cities often lack.

5. Laval Is Full Of Ed Hardy-Wearing Douchebags.

This is a statement I've heard all too many times. At the height of its popularity, the cast of Jersey Shore was often compared to people that were from Laval. I don't know where this stereotype came from, as maybe 1% of people (I'm being generous) even wear Ed Hardy to begin with.

6. Laval Is Too Far

This actually is an understandable complaint, but kind of unreasonable. Laval is not that far unless you're travelling to Terrebone - in which case I'd understand your complaints. But for the main attractions of Laval, like Centropolis or Collosus, you really need about 15 minutes to get to your destination by car. Yes, the metro and bus can be long, but it's worth it when you get to come home to the place you grew up.

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