Company Called "Plus Size Baby" Is Getting Called Out For An Ad That "Humiliates" Plus-Size Women

"[This] speaks volumes about what they truly think about their customer base."

A clothing company called "Plus Size Baby" is taking heat for its depiction of its garments.

For select items on its website, Plus Size Baby makes use of "thin" models to demonstrate the size of some products, even showcasing one photo in which a model stuffs two legs into a single leggings pant leg.

The campaign has been labelled "humiliating" by social media users.

Many have expressed disappointment that a company that targets plus-size women would use such tactics. "[This] speaks volumes about what they truly think about their customer base," wrote one Twitter user.

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Many have criticized the company for not featuring plus-size models in these photos. Though the Plus Size Baby website and Twitter feed do include photos with plus-size models.

According to Twitter users, Plus Size Baby is alienating its target demographic.

MTLBlog has reached out to Plus Size Baby for comment. We will update this article with a response when we get it.

A post calling for a boycott of the American company has been shared over 20 thousand times and received over 11 thousand reactions on Facebook.

The lack of representation of plus-size people in the world of fashion has been an issue for decades. Though, in recent years, companies have begun to employ more inclusive advertising.

Plus Size Baby is not the first company to receive backlash for its depiction of plus-size garments.

Stay tuned for updates.