Complete List Of All The New Photo Radar Traps In Montreal

Photo radars. They may have some public support but I'm pretty sure all those people don't drive. I used to drive for a living and I have never met a single car owner who thinks photo radars are a good idea.

My biggest problem with these is that speed limits aren't set in stone in this city. Decarie has a speed limit of 70km/h but everyone knows you can go 100km/h right in front of a cop and he probably won't pull you over. So until we all agree on real speed limits rather than these bullshit guidelines and unwritten rules, there shouldn't be any photo radars.

Some argue they make roads safer but I would argue the opposite. Like the one that's just past the intersection of McDougal and The Boulevard. People are diving normally then all of a sudden they hit the breaks without warning because they know what's ahead. But others may not be, and they have no idea you're about to slam on the breaks. Then once we all pass the radar, everyone speeds up quickly and suddenly because they're trying to make the next light. The result a big chaotic dangerous mess where most people are looking at their speedometers rather than watching the road ahead.

But love 'em or hate 'em, radars are here to stay and more are on the way. So here they are, the list of the new and existing photo radars in Montreal.