Free Concerts Downtown Montreal You Can Attend In August

Live music in the heart of the city.
Free Concerts Downtown Montreal You Can Attend In August

Summer's are THE best in Montreal because of all the cool and unique things you can find in this city. You don't even need to make any official plans during the summertime, just grab your friends and walk around the downtown core and you're GUARANTEED to find something fun to do. 

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McCord museum is hosting a super cool event this month. They're hosting weekly concerts in their outdoor urban forest! 

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Every Wednesday for the rest of this month there will be a completely free concert happening in this artistic hub in the centre of downtown. The concerts will take place during lunchtime at 12:30pm. 

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Enjoy some amazing music by up-and-coming Montreal artists in this secluded spot hidden from the bustling noise of the city streets. Check out the schedule of the shows and pick your favourite: 

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Visit their website for more information. 

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