Montreal Is Showing The "Lord Of The Rings" Trilogy On The Big Screen For Free Tomorrow

Photo cred -  Vyped/fiberoptik

If you've ever dreamed of watching all three Lord Of The Rings extended editions, in a row, on the big screen, with fellow LotR enthusiasts, then you will love what you are about to read.

The Concordia Student Union will be screening the entire uncut Lord Of The Rings trilogy this Saturday February 14 in the Hall Building's newly renovated auditorium. That's right, you can commemorate this Valentine's Day by celebrating the love between Aragorn and Arwen, or Frodo and Sam, on the big screen, all free of charge. Nothing says romantic like a hobbit trying to put a ring on it.

The 12-hour LotR Marathon starts at 11:00am in the Hall Building Auditorium and seating is based on first come/first serve. Most importantly, showing up in full costume is not only allowed, it's encouraged!

Check The Lord Of The Rings Marathon Facebook Page to find out more.