Concordia Now Has Over 100 Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

It was announced last year that Concordia was planning on creating gender neutral bathrooms across their campus. Well unlike many things that are promised in Montreal, there was actually some follow through and they now have over 100 different gender neutral bathrooms.

This is a really great step-forward and hopefully after seeing this, other schools in Montreal will follow suit and offer their students gender neutral bathrooms. School can be hard enough as it is without being confused about which bathroom you should go into, especially for transgendered students.

Here are just a few of the new gender neutral bathrooms. 

The H Building:

  • Room 1.04
  • Room 237.03

The MB Building:

  • Room 1.426
  • Room S2.416

The LB Building:

  • Room 0

Check out the full list here.