Concordia University Proves You Need To Party With Friends To Stay Healthy

Study shows friends help your heart, on a physical level.
Concordia University Proves You Need To Party With Friends To Stay Healthy

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We always look for an excuse to ditch school/work and go chill with our friends, which usually turns into a night of partying, because that's just how things go. Normally, the excuses we muster up are far from legit, but researchers at Concordia University may have found the perfect reason to shirk any responsibility: your physical health.

Concordia professor Jean-Philippe Gouin, in a recent study published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, looked into the physical differences between two types of international students new to the city, namely those who had a large social group they regularly did stuff with, and those who generally kept to themselves.

Gouin analyzed the heart rates of both groups (partiers and shut-ins) over the course of five months after they just moved into Montreal. Students who said they were very socially active were found to have a fairly steady heart rate, while the boring kids were found to have high-frequency heart rate variability, a direct indicator of a poorly functioning nervous system.

So basically, students who put themselves out there, made friends, and probably drank a bunch of drank with their new peeps were markedly less stress and had a healthy heart rate. What the means to us is partying is good for your health.

In the report issued by Concordia covering the study, Gouin points out his study doesn't apply to students. Gouin's findings can apply to anyone going through a "radical change of life," which can mean a move, a new job, a breakup, or moving in with your significant other.

So whenever you're feeling stressed about a big change, and your hearts going wild, call up a few friends, have a few drinks, and go out, for your health.