The Conservative Party Will Be Sending Out SPAM Text Messages To Your Phone Without Your Permission

Canadians in four provinces are going to be annoyed this Thursday because the Conservative Party of Canada has decided to mass-text Canadian voters. Yes, you read that right, Andrew Scheer and his Conservative Party think that it's a good idea to send mass-texts to campaign against the federal government's carbon tax. 

This new tactic comes on the heels of new campaign ads released this week that accuses Justin Trudeau of being a "fake feminist". Canada's official opposition party is still using classic outreach tactics like television advertising and door-to-door campaigning, but this mass-text initiative is a clever new tactic. 

In an apparent effort to modernize the campaigning process, Andrew Scheer and his Conservative government believe this to be the best way to reach a massive amount of voters.

The party is taking phone numbers from various databases and will randomly generate other numbers. So even if you're not a card-carrying Conservative, you might just get a text today. 

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TL;DR  Canada's Conservative Party might just send you a mass-text today to campaign against Justin Trudeau's proposed carbon tax. Andrew Scheer and the Conservative party believe that this controversial initiative is all about utilizing 21st-century methods to help with voter outreach. Critics say that this isn't illegal, but it's definitely unconventional. 

You might remember that this isn't the Conservative Party's first foray into using technology to attract voters. In 2011, Stephen Harper's government used robocalls to attract voters and to report fake polling information.

After over 40,000 Canadians reported them to the authorities, the Conservatives quickly backtracked and apologized for using such murky campaigning tactics. 

According to a CBC report, the federal carbon tax will kick in on April 1st in four provinces, which will increase gas prices by almost 5 cents per litre. In the House of Commons, Trudeau's government has come under fire because of this proposed carbon tax.

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Liberals are quick to point out that 90% of the revenue will return to Canadians, as each household in the affected provinces will be able to claim a tax deduction on the carbon tax. 

Conservative provincial governments in Ontario and Saskatchewan are challenging the plan in provincial courts, claiming that the carbon tax is unconstitutional. 

One of the texts will read "Andrew Scheer here. Trudeau's carbon tax will raise gas prices 5 cents on Monday, so fill your tank!" There are a few more texts planned as well. 

So the Conservative party is now spamming us with text messages... not cool. Thumbs down! Lost my vote, ha! You never had it to begin with. Solitifies my vote to vote against the conservatives. No privacy and no integrity. Slimy like a used car salesman!

March 28, 2019

Conservatives are quick to accuse the Liberals of instituting a carbon tax as a "cash grab". The Liberals retort by saying that this is in the name of environmental protection. Trudeau's government says that this policy is an attempt to meet emissions reduction goals for 2030. 

Experts say that placing a carbon tax on the most polluting industries is the easiest and cheapest way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Canadians who are affected by this carbon tax may not agree with that but since Trudeau is offering a tax deduction on affected expenses, they might come to appreciate it. 

I'm not sure of how effective it is to mass-text Canadian citizens to promote your political party, but the Conservatives seem to think it'll work out for them. We'll see how this plays out. 

If you get a text from a weird number today, that might just be Andrew Scheer hitting you up. You won't be able to text back though! 


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