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Convicted Montreal Child Murderer Guy Turcotte To Be Given Re-Trial

A new controversial trial begins.
Convicted Montreal Child Murderer Guy Turcotte To Be Given Re-Trial

An old case is coming back to surface, along with it all the memories of the events. The name Guy Turcotte might still disturb some, and even anger others. A Cardiologist from St-Jerome who was already brought to court for having stabbed his son and daughter back in 2009 is now charged with the same two accusations. Mrs. Gaston is ready to face her ex-husband in court and will not rest until justice is done.

On the night of February, 20th, 2009 Guy Turcotte stabbed his children Olivier, 5 years old, and Anne-Sophie, 3 years old, a total of 46 consecutive times. The jury found him not criminally responsible due to depression and intoxication on Methanol, coming from Windshield washer, even after he had admitted to killing his own children. The man was left to roam free and return to the hospital after his verdict was given.

Mr.Turcotte began the previous trial by reciting how he had fallen in love with Mrs. Gaston, while they were both students. The two got married in 2003 and had their two children before 2005, but by 2007 things were not working out so well for the couple. Mrs. Gaston begins to have an affaire, an affaire that was discovered two years later, crushing Mr. Turcotte and lead to a divorce. This is where Mr. Turcotte's depression would have begun; the events that follow describe days where he would have spent with his kids and wife but instead was left alone, his wife having taken the kids with the new man. Multiple attempts at suicide followed,

which continued until the death of his two younglings. Turcotte decided he did not want his children to find his dead body, and thus decided to bring them with him.

Psychiatrists were brought to court where they took turns to explain how Guy Turcotte's mental instability was due to depression. The claim was bolstered by the fact that ethanol can deepen depression and provoke disturbances in the mind, a chemical consumed by Turcotte on the night of the murders. Some psychiatrists agree that ethanol procures the same affects as ethyl alcohol, or any other alcohol sold for consumption.

Mr. Turcotte brought himself to authorities after a warrant was sent out for him. The Quebec Court of Appeal ruled that errors were made when giving directions to the jury; they never should have allowed the right to choose not-criminally-responsible back in 2011, as the case was nearing its end. Now we must begin the trial from the start. When more information becomes public, we will keep you updated.

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