Couples Who Netflix Together Stay Together

Everlasting love is one movie away…
Couples Who Netflix Together Stay Together

Do you watch Netflix together with your significant other? I have great news for you! Congratulations, your relationship is going well and you have a bright future ahead. Going out on dates, parties and social gatherings is seriously overrated. Real love is spending time together in the privacy of your home. If you enjoy being alone with your bae without catching major FOMO mode, then you’re definitely on the right track. Nothing proves that the two of you are in love more than being in that comfort zone of movies, pizza and cuddles. So here’s why couples who Netflix together stay together.

1. You want the same things in life

You're both super comfortable with the idea of staying in, because seriously... Who needs to go out at all?! Especially when it's getting cold outside...

2. It’s way more intimate than sitting at a dinner table

It's just the two of you, warm, comfortable and relaxed. Add some pizza and wine to the mix - WINNING!

3. You’re saving money for things that are so much more fun than partying

Like traveling, for example. By not going out every single weekend, you can actually go to Europe next summer and have the time of your lives. Think about it.

4. You’ll end up having meaningful conversations

Talk about your childhood, your fears and insecurities... strip your souls naked without fearing that someone at the next table will overhear your conversation.

5. Cuddles!

You can't really cuddle when you're out and about. Netflix allows for endless cuddle sessions. Boom!

6. You’ll build a level of comfort that can never be achieved otherwise

You don't typically dress up or look your best when you stay in and watch movies. As a result, you start to feel exceptionally comfortable around your partner... comfortable enough to show your "real" self.

7. The only issue you might have is deciding what movie the two of you should watch

You won't have to worry about other people paying too much attention to your lover or something... The only thing you'd have to actually think about is - what movie to watch. Decisions, decisions...

8. Netflix and Chill happy endings!!

We all know what "Netflix and Chill" stands for... *wink, wink*

9. You don’t feel hungover the next day

Possibly, the best thing about staying in with your significant other and watching Netflix... You can actually function like a normal human being the next day.

10. There seriously isn’t anything better than binge watching Netflix with your bae

Honestly, what's better than chilling, drinking wine, eating pizza and watching movies? N-O-T-H-I-N-G!

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