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Survey Shows 94% Of Quebecers Think Legault Is Doing A Good Job During The COVID-19 Crisis

François Legault? More like François Le GOAT.
Survey Shows 94% Of Quebecers Think Legault Is Doing A Good Job During The COVID-19 Crisis
  • Provincial Premier François Legault has been leading Quebecers through this crisis of COVID-19 in Quebec and it appears his leadership has been appreciated.
  • In a new survey done by Ekos Research, the Premier managed to receive a 94% approval rating.
  • This number is leaps and bounds ahead of both Premier Ford and PM Trudeau.

In a new survey done by Ekos Research regarding the handling of the crisis of COVID-19 in Quebec, results have shown that Quebec Premier François Legault currently has a higher approval rating than both Ontario Premier Doug Ford as well as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Not only has Legault achieved the highest approval rating of the three... he's actually managed to achieve an approval rating of 94%, meaning nearly every person asked about Legault's handling of the pandemic approved of his approach and his actions.

This seems like an unusually large percentage of the population, considering Legault's party, the Coalition Avenir du Quebec only earned 37% of the vote in Quebec's 2018 general election.

However, plenty of Quebecers have been very vocal about their appreciation of Legault's decisive and transparent approach to the ongoing novel coronavirus outbreak in the province.

On Twitter, many individuals who admit they were never a Legault fan, or simply didn't vote for him, are now struck with what a fantastic leader he has been in this time of crisis.

With that said, both Ford and Trudeau have majority approval, whether in Ontario or nationwide. But neither has reached Legault's heights — not even close.

Below are the survey results for the Ekos Research study on the handling of the COVID-19 crisis.

Found of Ekos Research, Frank Graves, shared some more of the details on his private Twitter account, seen below.

The results are not publicly available on the Ekos Research website; these tweets do, however, provide the most pertinent information.

I'd love to know what that 5% disapproves of.

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Twitter is plein de support for Legault, from Quebecers on both sides of the aisle. Many who admit they were "not a fan" of Legault before this pandemic can't help but appreciate his "swift and decisive" measures in the past couple weeks.

As the tweet above mentions, Legault started as the Minister of Education for the Parti Québécois in November of 1998, the same year as the historic Ice Storm which, in January, also required the shutdown of many regular activities across the province.

It's clear that Legault's experience during that trying time has helped inform his approach to managing this current day crisis.

And Quebecers have taken notice.

There's no question that Legault has one tough job right now, and I think we can all be grateful for him and the other public servants that are doing anything and everything in their power to limit the number of casualties on Quebec soil.

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