There Are Now 17 Confirmed Cases Of COVID-19 In Quebec But Still No Community Spread

The confirmed cases are all people who travelled abroad.
There Are Now 17 Confirmed Cases Of COVID-19 In Quebec But Still No Community Spread
  • There are now 17 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Quebec and Premier François Legault has enacted a ban on events of 250 people or more.
  • Despite the growing number of confirmed cases, we still have yet to see any community spread in Quebec.
  • This means anyone with the coronavirus in Quebec was infected while abroad and not while in Quebec.

Yesterday marked a turning point in Quebec when it comes to COVID-19. Elected officials came out to address the growing concern surrounding the coronavirus, eventually putting measures in place to stop or at least slow community spread, which we have yet to see with the confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Quebec. Premier François Legault enacted a ban on events of 250 people or more, which inevitably caused the cancellation, suspension or postponement of several large events planned around Quebec, especially in Montreal.

Yesterday we saw the NHL and the MLS join the NBA in a season suspension; Montreal's Saint Patrick's Day Parade has been postponed; the World Figure Skating Championships, which were to be held in Montreal were cancelled; schools decided to cancel class and take Friday the 13th to decide how they were going to move forward with this new ban of large groups in indoor spaces.

It is clear that organizations and institutions are ready to put health and safety first in order to try and reign in the spread of the coronavirus. 

And in Quebec, so far, it seems to be working. Even though we are now up to 17 confirmed cases, we still have yet to see a case caused by community spread.

This means that, thus far, all of the cases of COVID-19 in Quebec are people who have been abroad and returned to Quebec to then discover their symptoms.

Santé Quebec confirms this in the tweet below, saying, "4 new confirmed cases: infected people return from a foreign country. The health network is mobilized for their care. To date, 17 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Quebec."

This means that the efforts taken in Quebec to suppress the spread are working so far, and those who have the virus have managed to keep from spreading to others in the province who were never abroad.

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The number of people who are under investigation has also fallen. Yesterday 570 individuals were under investigation and today the number has dropped to 266, meaning that nearly 300 individuals have now been confirmed negative and are not carrying the virus.

In fact, nearly 800 individuals in Quebec have been tested and confirmed negative overall.

Meanwhile, in Saskatchewan, a vaccine was just made and is now entering the testing stage.

Yes, we're still a long way away from human use, but this is a huge step in the right direction.

We will have to wait and see what the Ministry of Education decides to do after today's day off. 

Thousands of university students have been petitioning for Concordia and McGill to be proactive and shift to online learning so as to avoid further spread within the university communities.

In Ontario, public schools will be closed for two weeks following this week's March Break.

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