Quebec Is Banning Indoor Events With More Than 250 People Due To Coronavirus

"The next few weeks will be absolutely critical," says Premier Legault.
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Quebec Is Banning Indoor Events With More Than 250 People Due To Coronavirus

Premier François Legault announced that the government is recommending the cancellation of public gatherings of more than 250 people due to the spread of COVID-19 in Quebec. The news was announced at a press conference this afternoon. While details are slim, this means that upcoming Montreal Canadiens games, should the NHL continue its season, will be played to an empty arena.

UPDATE: The NHL has temporarily suspended its regular season.

Another aspect of this ban is the potential of cancelling the various events and festivals that are coming to Quebec during the summer season. Officials have already cancelled the World Figure Skating Championships in Montreal, for instance. 

The City of Montreal is currently evaluating its options. This week, Mayor Valérie Plante announced that Montreal's Civil Security Center is in "alert mode" and is taking measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

"What's important is that we need to evaluate whether the events are indoor or outdoor, the number of attendees, or is it an event that can expose vulnerable people such as the elderly — we have to consider all these elements. I've asked all boroughs to provide a list of all upcoming events in the next few months so that we know how to proceed in the future," said Mayor Plante this morning. 

A special coronavirus clinic has opened at Hôtel Dieu Hospital. 

The Health Ministry confirmed that there are now 13 confirmed cases in Quebec. 

At a press conference, Premier François Legault announced that all of Quebec needs to be on high alert during this situation. 

"The pandemic of coronavirus is under control in Quebec. We have 13 confirmed cases in the province and our goal is to completely halt the progression of the virus," said Premier Legault. 

"The next few weeks will be absolutely critical." 

The Government of Quebec underlines that its biggest priority is to protect the public. They recommend that anyone who's travelling to Quebec in the next few weeks should quarantine themselves for 14 days.

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For all public and private workers in the healthcare and education sectors, the government is placing a mandatory quarantine period of 14 days. 

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