Crazy Huge Valentine's Day Balloons Are Finally Available In Montreal

A special gift for a special person.
Crazy Huge Valentine's Day Balloons Are Finally Available In Montreal

If you’ve got a significant other then you know that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. This holiday tends to sneak up on us every year and for some strange reason, we’re never quite prepared. 

February 14th is all about celebrating your love for your sweetheart but it can certainly be overwhelming. I mean, how do you make this day extra special for the most special person in your life? 

While some of the classic Valentine’s Day gifts include chocolate and flowers, balloons are also a perfect fun, and nontrivial gift to show off your affection. The cool thing about modern/contemporary balloons is that you can customize them to your liking which makes this gift extra special, like engraving the name of your loved one and they also come in cutting-edge shapes and incredible sizes like those huge, over-sized ones!

(Boys, ladies, take notes)

So where do you find balloons? Well yeah, the dollar store will definitely have balloons but I’m talking about beautiful, premium styled balloons that make your jaw drop as soon as you lay eyes on them. Well, luckily, I did all the research for you and discovered this amazing Montreal team of balloon stylists that are pros in all things balloons.

Balloon Bar offers custom styled balloons for absolutely any occasion. Valentine’s Day, wedding, baby shower, birthday, bar mitzvah, shameless apology… they have got you covered. 

These aren’t just regular balloons. Balloon Bar offers stylish and must-have balloons that you’ll never want to throw away. To top it off, they also deliver and decorate the venue FOR YOU. Even if you’re just spending Valentine’s Day at home binge watching Netflix and eating copious amount of Chinese food and chocolate (cash me on the couch, how bout dat), the stylists at Balloon Bar will come and decorate your apartment/house with their trendy balloons. How cool is that?

Their focus on details is pretty amazing too. They’ve got a large range of trendy colours, size and shapes for you to choose from as well as hand-crafted accessories like tassels and confetti and you can even choose the font or colour if you want to add some writing to your balloon gifts.

So if you’re already starting to plan Valentine’s day, consider balloons to add an extra special touch to an already special day. And if you’re not celebrating Valentine’s day, keep in mind that modern balloons are perfect for any occasion and event. Perhaps you have a birthday coming up? Maybe a proposal (boysssssss)? 

Check out Bar De Balloon’s Instagram to see all of their stylish balloons and remember to place your order by emailing them at or by telephone 514-458-1832 or 514-268-1781.

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