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Crazy "Impossible" Accident City Of Montreal Truck Gets Stuck In Massive Pot Hole (Photo)

Everybody has a sassy comment.
Crazy "Impossible" Accident City Of Montreal Truck Gets Stuck In Massive Pot Hole (Photo)

Springtime in Montreal means light sweaters, sipping sangria on a terrasse, chilling in the park, and - potholes.

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the ground thawing out after the glacier cold winter passes and The unfortunate consequence of this is massive potholes around the city.

I can tell you that I've traveled to some far away lands and driven on even their most questionable roads, and nothing really compares to the streets of Montreal and the province of Quebec as a whole.

A funny image popped into our radar of a truck stuck in a massive pothole, but not just any truck.

For the ultimate karmic retribution, this truck was a city of Montreal truck. Yes - the truck responsible for dealing with potholes got stuck in a pothole.

Like a dentist with a mouthful of cavities, the irony is delicious.

Via Victor Manuel Soto | Facebook

The image was posted to Facebook on May 23rd by a Montrealer who spotted the truck and decided it would be funny to share with other citizens. He was right.

Montrealers quickly caught wind of the photo and started chiming in with their own sassy comments. Montrealers love bitching about potholes, it's our cardio.

Via facebook

Via Facebook

Via Facebook

Via Facebook

The comments are even better than the photo. We just hope that similar incidents start happening so we can keep the humor up, it's the only way to make us feel better about the terrible state of our roads.

As for the truck, we're not totally sure how it ended up getting unstuck from this pothole, but I'm sure it wasn't the easiest job to get it out.

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